The purpose of Whiz Kids Basketball School is to perfect, correct, and teach the individual fundamentals of basketball to young athletes interested in becoming the best players they are capable of becoming. Download our 2019 brochure for more information... 


The program will consist of individual offensive and defensive fundamentals and techniques and scrimmaging in age and ability groups.

If you love basketball and are interested in improving -WHIZ KIDS IS FOR YOU!


As many of you know, Whiz Kids has achieved phenomenal success. Whiz Kids Basketball Camp is designed to stress fundamentals rather than five on five competition. This is not a camp for full court games. Modified drills will practice the fundamentals taught. Athletes will be given many drills which teach skills through repetition in small, controlled, situations. Large group activity will be planned to get more correct repetition. Good players are made in the off-season, and we hope each player will have enough techniques and ideas to improve on his own before next season. 

Parents, as well as coaches, are welcome to drop by any time during the sessions. A short awards program will be held the last 10 minutes of the final session on Friday. 


The cost is $90 for the three hour a day, one week session. If a family has multiple athletes who are interested, they will pay $80 for any additional family members. If you wish to attend any two sessions, you will pay $70 for each additional session. Confirmations will be sent via e-mail. Please include an accurate, clear e-mail on your application. Send an email to tjdesotell(at) or call if you have concerns.


Coach Tom Desotell

Coach Tom Desotell, Director of Whiz Kids Basketball School


Tom Desotell, founder and director of Whiz Kids, has spent over 40 summers at basketball camps throughout the country. Each year Tom visits and joins the staff of other camps in order to bring back innovative and new Whiz Kids drills and techniques for teaching fundamentals even more efficiently.

Tom Desotell has been inducted into the Wisconsin Basketball Coaches Hall of Fame in 2014 and has won more basketball games at Sheboygan North than any D1 (large school) coach in the history of Wisconsin, and all at the same school. 

Whiz Kids School is an approach to basketball and the complete player. Tom Desotell and a competent staff will direct a complete fundamentals program. Additional instructions will be given on methods to improve individually during the off-season. Whiz Kids is an attempt to keep high school basketball in this area of the state right at the top. To do this, we will bring in teachers of fundamentals to join a core staff that includes the best high school coaches in this area. 


We will feature area coaches and counselors who have expressed an eagerness in developing our youngsters. Outside coaches who are considered dedicated and interested in sharing their enthusiasm and our philosophy join us each summer. Coaching staff members from this area make up the foundation of our staff each week. Top Coaches who have served as instructors: Kevin Bruggink, who will co-direct the Oostburg session, and Eric Worth (North) who is scheduled to Co-direct each session will join Tom Desotell. Lewis Halverson, Devin Yurk, Julian Jones and Becky and Julie Raeder will assist as they have in the past. Ken Roeder (Kohler) along with former high school players now attending college will be joining the staff as well.